Brooke is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer with a strong commitment to the practice of loving kindness in every aspect of life.  She has practiced yoga since 2006, and it has completely transformed her way of life and mindset.  She continuously develops her practice and teaching style to provide her students with an evolved and enlightened practice.  Brooke studies Ayurveda and yoga from master teachers such as Vasant Lad, David Frawley, Shiva Rae, Kino MacGregor and frequently attends workshops such as David Swenson’s Ashtanga immersion.  She approaches every class with compassion, integrating physical alignment, fun, and emotional healing.  She sees each student as a mirror into her own being.  “We are all One sharing this breath but disconnected by our singular perception of reality.  Yoga helps us break down the barriers of the self,” spoken in her own words.  She hopes to bring understanding and acceptance into her students’ lives which will in turn spread love into their community.